Don’t Be Afraid

Captured in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Captured in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

America feels almost ephemeral from Thailand. Donald Trump, just a bobblehead on the television. From Chiang Mai, his words don’t have any real weight. The Thai people are mourning their beloved kingI wear a black ribbon on my left shoulder. And I can’t help but wonder how a leader is so universally loved.

There are a lot of Westerners here, which is a little disconcerting, maybe they’re looking for escape too — I don’t know. I have to stay off the Twitters. My wife hasn’t given me a choice about it. If relaxation is the goal, I’m not allowed to read anything. I can post something from time to time. I’ll probably post this.

The food here is going to ruin me. It’s nothing like what passes for Thai food in the states. The difference is astounding. I think about Donald Trump eating fucking KFC on his goddamned jet. I’m not relaxed yet.

I need to smile more.
Thank people more.
I need to cook better food.

Lessons already learned.