Black Hole

I’m not sure why it’s so hard for us to take care of each other.

Why even just one homeless person struggling to survive in this world is not a crushing weight of shame on all of our backs. Why we’d rather fight to carry guns than give them up. Why we defend corporations that would see us dead if it meant making more money. Why we let these dragons speak with their money to our legislators though it means the end of our livelihoods, our environment, our health, and our children. Why we’d rather invent religions and power structures to control people instead of blessing them and loving them and esteeming them as our own.

Why we’d rather step on necks. Rather the police kill whom they please. Rather the world burn up. Why we always seem to choose to have a little more even though it means taking from someone else. Why we believe horrible lies like God gave me this money and I deserve it. Why we have the concept of money at all. There was a better way to do this.

Why do we insist on building mortal empires. How did we ever think that subjugating our fellow human beings in any form or fashion was ok and not morally reprehensible.

How do we live with ourselves.