Only You

There are photos that only you can capture. Photos that don’t care what kind of equipment you may have. Photos that could give a shit whether you had good light or the right lens.

I honestly believe that this photo of my wife happened because she loves me. She doesn’t look at just anyone with that kind of smile, mischievous and maybe a little tired of camera shenanigans.

I’m always asking for another shot.

I think she was a little in love with that particular day in Santa Barbara, drinking wine in a beach town that feels like, for all intents and purposes, never-ending summer. Yes, my timing here was pretty great, but if it was someone else begging for a picture, it wouldn’t have come out quite the same.

I think it’s important to take photographs of the people you love. Even if they don’t want them. There will come a day in the future, when one of us will be gone. And I’ll either have this photo and the beauty contained within all its memories, or she’ll have it, remembering her husband with a camera, asking for just one more.