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  1. Oakland I

    10 Aug 2017

    Taken in San Francisco, California On the BART from 12th, I stare acrossthe train at a homeless man. He stinksand he appears to be talking to meand I watch him as his arms wave andmove and have their being in a crowdedcar because no one wants to sit nextto a…

  2. Only You

    09 Nov 2016

    Taken in Santa Barbara, California There are photos that only you can capture. Photos that don’t care what kind of equipment you may have. Photos that could give a shit whether you had good light or the right lens. I honestly believe that this photo of my wife happened because…

  3. Creating A Moment

    08 Nov 2016

    Taken in Paris, France Creating a moment is a subtle art. I say this because I’m not very good at it. Almost every time it’s happened, it’s been an accident. And I think it needs to be, because I can tell when someone is trying too hard to make something…

  4. In The Shadows

    07 Nov 2016

    Taken in Isla Vista, California Truth be told, I wanted her photo from the moment she walked in to my friend’s get-together in Isla Vista, California. I don’t remember the names of any person represented in this photo, just that they were playing “Spoons”. Being an introvert, it takes some…

  5. Slightly Off

    06 Nov 2016

    Taken in San Francisco, California Throughout the entirety of my life, the view I take in has always seemed slightly off. Even in this photo, the buildings angle in strange ways, the yellow stripe is off-kilter; and yes, it was the wide-angle lens, but it was also the perspective I…

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