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The Hospital de Sant Pau i de la Santa Creu is an early-16th-century building in Barcelona.

The End of Things

If you've ever seen my Instagram account, you might notice that I'm rarely featured in the pictures I post. Or
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The Prophets

The Prophets

So Ezekiel cooked his food over human shit & I think about Michelin chefs, how the really good ones are peculiar–
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Drawings of white circles with black outlines that looks like a crude emoji of a heart, a smile, or a thumbs up.

I hate the Internet, the way it pretends to be your friend

The older I get, the more I realize that back in college, when I was trying to figure out what to do for a career, I let my insurmountable fear of being poor get the better of me. Code starts to die the moment you write it. I should have been (should be?) a poet.
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Columbo standing in a crowd of people.

Columbo & Covid

Watching Columbo and even more recent shows that pretend Covid doesn't exist, I am, at first, nostalgic for the world before the pandemic. It's not long until my mind turns to wondering when the anxiety and trauma will leave our bodies.
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