Shot by Adam Torres.
Shot by Adam Torres.

Hi lovelies.

You should know from the beginning that I’m not asking anything from you. I don’t serve ads I want you to click on. I only want you to read the things that interest you. Stay as long as you want and know that I’m happy you stopped by. When you click away, I promise that nothing will accost you begging you to give up your email address.

All the photographs used on this site are copyrighted by me, because I took them. The photograph of me on this page is used with permission.

The name of the sight is an acronym for my full name, which is really long. I work at Slack as a frontend engineer. I take pictures when I’m not working. I write a little, cook a little, and live with my esso in Santa Barbara, California.

If you’d like to go shooting with me, get in touch.